Who remembers when mobile homes were in vogue 

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Bring positive press to a blemished industry

There is very little positive media attention related to mobile homes. While the airwaves are filled with COPs and 8-Mile, there were no positive shows about the sector prior to the HGTV shows regarding micro homes, such as “Tiny Home Hunters”. Any way you cut it, these shows are great ambassadors to an industry that rarely can get a break on national TV.

Make manufactured homes chic again

It’s unbelievable to think that it’s been 50 years since manufactured homes were considered “cool”. In two films in the 1960s, Elvis lived in manufactured homes in manufactured home parks (“Speedway” 1963 and “It Happened at the World’s Fair 1968). It’s fantastic that micro homes are making the industry in vogue again. While we are still miles away from the average American thinking there’s no stigma to living in a mobile home, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Bring more creative thinking to HUD design

One factor that we hope to see from the micro home movement – but haven’t yet – is the incorporation of more cool design elements into the standard mobile home. Frank Lloyd Wright built a prototype mobile home called the “Usitonian Americana” and we know that the boring shoebox look of mobile homes could be dramatically improved upon. While the interiors are fine, the exteriors are not. It’s always a disappointment at the MH shows in Louisville and Tunica that the exteriors are not even remotely as nice as the interiors. We hope that there will be pressure from the micro home crowd – and inspiration – to come up with some new designs.

Micro homes are a huge fad in America right now – there are at least four television shows regarding them on the air. We think that this is great P.R. for the industry. While it’s not going to affect any park owner’s bottom line at this point, it certainly has a chance to create a new group of millennial customers going forward, who like the product and will play more for it.

If you haven’t noticed, America is greatly troubled economically (that’s as big an understatement as saying that Johnny Manziel has a drinking problem). A safe harbor in such times of economic uncertainty is income producing real estate. And our choice for that asset category is the manufactured homes. Income producing real estate does well in times of inflation, and even hyper-inflation. It is well insulated during times of higher interest rates (as long as your loan does not come due at that time). Manufactured homes – as a part of housing – have a captive market that serves American’s most basic need of shelter.


Excerpts from Frank and Dave, MHU

Alberto Vargas