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At first, learning to invest in property or real estate can be very uncomfortable. One has to be prepared to preserve through the real estate investing process although feeling uncertain. It is completely expected and natural to make mistakes while you are getting familiar with the whole investing process. As a beginner, just try to learn from each mishap and continue to move forward. In order to grow into a successful real estate investor, you need to figure out what you want to achieve through real estate investing.

Not to demotivate or discourage a beginner, making money in real estate is all about facing pitfalls and potential challenges. But with consideration of the numerous real estate investing strategies, assessment, suitable implementation, one can make significant profits.

When you invest money in real estate, your ultimate aim is to put money to work today and multiply it so you have more money tomorrow.

At times real estate investing for beginners can look a bit intimidating. Here are some tips for individuals just starting out real estate investing:

  • GET EDUCATED: It is definitely one of the most important tips for beginners. Real estate is not something to do impulsively. Putting in money in real estate is a lifelong quest to take over your financial future and is definitely not a get-rich quick plan.

As an amateur investor, you will make mistakes and you will have to struggle to overcome those mistakes. Because a successful investor is the one who can take those mishaps and turn them into lessons to refine his/her skills.

I personally made a decision to educate myself and follow the proven path laid down by successful investors in my community that had already learned this strategies, as an amateur that was gold and minimized any  mistakes, struggles and mishaps.

  • Research: Before you put in money, do your homework on the real estate market you plan to invest on. Initiate with a small area of a town or city and focus your investment efforts there.

After you are able to understand the property values, which properties sell fastest and which ones take time, estimate time to sell a property, you can consider expanding your investment area.

Market research is key, as a novice investor with limited skills and limited cash I needed to understand if the “None of your own money none of your own credit”  cliche was valid, well it is and it is not. It is always easier if you have money,  whether its your own or someone close to you that knows and believes in you but if you don’t have it here is what worked for me.

In my  market there is a tremendous need for affordable housing. there is also a surplus of manufactured home on private lots and on manufactured home parks. By now, I think you know what came next. with as little as two thousand dollars I was able to start my real estate business..

  • Be market agnostic: Each real estate market goes up and down independently of one another because of several  factors. Per say, you must know that there are times when it seems logical to invest in a certain property and times when it does not. I call it an investor ID  my  investor ID is  manufactured homes, what is your investor ID

“Real estate investing is get rich slow, not get rich quick,” according to real estate mogul, Scott McGillivray. This mantra is the ultimate tip for beginner investor.

If you have questions or suggestions,or if you have a similar story you want to share please do, we can learn together.



Alberto Vargas